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MC3WLS Differential Kit for 1:28 Mini-Z Scale

This is the latest in differential technology for the 1/28 scale.
Unlike conventional adjustable ball bearing differentials, this differential utilizes a thrust bearing to control axial loads.
This makes the distribution of power to each wheel more precise, providing a smoother throttle feel and a more consistent driving experience.

- High Quality Thrust bearing made in Japan
- ABEC 5 radial bearings
- Silicon Nitride Ceramic Grade 5 balls
- no more e-clip required! this differential uses a special threaded nut. This allows you to keep the same settings you had before cleaning/taking apart the differential unlike traditional ball diffs which will require losing your setting
- comes with a set of precision injected molded Delrin 64 pitch gears and pinions
- 52, 53, 54 Tooth Spurs
- 9, 10, 11, 12 Tooth Pinions
- titanium coated D-cut washers (compatible with PN Racing differentials)
- 304 stainless steel precision cut shaft
- T7075 anodized aluminum parts

For any wide width 2WD 1/28 chassis
Compatible with Kyosho MR-03, GL Racing GLR/GT, Atomic MRZ

Designed in Canada, Made in China

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q1. Why is this differential design special over other differentials on the market?
A1. This design features two types of ball bearings: a thrust bearing controls axial
loads while the spur gear and outer diff half bearings control centrifugal loads.
This combination allows more precise transfer of power which means more
throttle control providing a more consistent driving experience.

Q2. Your diff seems expensive, why?
A2. The differential is priced very competitively compared to other diffs on the
market considering it already comes with many upgraded components which are
normally extra for other companies. We include ceramic balls, titanium coated
diff washers, a 3 pack of spurs and 5 pinions along with a high quality Japanese
made thrust bearing.

Q3. Why did you put a stainless stain shaft in the kit? Isn’t that heavy?
A3. The shaft is meant to be strong so we chose stainless steel. Although you can
use the diff for a stock class, it was meant for mod class. We will offer a
lightweight version of the diff in the near future.

Q4. Will it fit narrow bodies?
A4. No, it is meant for wide bodies only. We’ve done this since we are solely
focused on the best performance possible and that means racers will use wide
bodies as they provide the most cornering grip.

Q5. Will it fit into my LM motor mount?
A5. No, it is meant to fit into a standard MM (mid mount) motor mount.

Q6. Does the spur gear use a bearing?
A6. Yes, it comes with a bearing.

Q7. Does the diff use 3mm wheel bearings on each side?
A7. No, it uses a 3mm bearing on the gear side and a 2mm bearing on the nondrive
side. This way it will be compatible with those racers already using our quick
change wheel nut.

Q8. Should I use grease in the ball diff?
A8. No, we recommend to run it dry. Running grease attracts a lot of debris which
will negatively affect your performance. Even though it is run dry, you still need to
clean the diff, just not as frequently. Please continue to clean and oil your
bearings using quality bearing oil not grease.

Q9. Why did we choose red for our gears?
A9. It looks cool. Seriously though we choose red as it’s easier to see rubber from
the track since it will show up more clearly to make sure cleaning was done
thoroughly. Red is also one of our company logo colours.

Q10. What kind of grease should I use for the thrust bearing?
A10. Typical bearing oil not grease. In particular, we have found Atomic thrust
bearing grease will gum up and prevent the thrust bearing from working properly
so don’t use that one for sure.

Q11. How tight should the diff right wheel nut be?
A11. Hand tighten is not enough. You need to use pliers but make sure not to
overtighten. Holding just the shaft just to tighten may not be enough, we suggest
to install the Diff left hub first to get some leverage to tighten the right wheel nut.

Q12. What assembly tips do you have?
A12. Check out our instruction manual as it’s full of tips (Page 9)

Q13. What size rims can I run with this diff?
A13. The diff is 2mm wider on each side when compared to a standard Mini-Z
differential. This means using a +1mm wide offset rim is equal to a +3mm offset
wide rim on a standard Mini-Z differential. So do the math to figure out what you
can use for the body you are running.

Q14. Why is there no e-clip?
A14. We’ve eliminated the necessity of using a e-clip to hold the diff together. We
have replaced it with what we call the diff right wheel nut. This innovation allows
you to keep the diff setting you had before when taking the diff apart for
cleaning. The diff right wheel nut also assists in not overtightening the actual
(outside) wheel nut that holds the wheel unto the diff hub. Most racers
traditionally overtighten this nut creating binding.

MC3WLS Manual Differential

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