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Associated RC10B6.3 Team Kit code:AE90029

The engineering continues. The RC10B6.3 continues the trend of refinement and reliable
performance set forth by its predecessors. With an all-new wide-pivot rear end and chassis-mounted
servo mount, the RC10B6.3 is unmatched in stability and confidence.

Performance isn’t the only category that has been improved for this generation; durability has also
taken a step forward by resolving issues such as bending wing mounts, steering bellcrank screw
breakage, and excessive steering linkage play. Additional new features designed with the racer in mind:
an integrated transponder mount, +4 mm shock rod ends, tie-rod battery brace hardware and linkage
included, 2-wire and 3-wire containing clips, rear shock tower guards, and a redesigned smooth front
shock tower to cover the exposed screw heads.
The 90029 RC10B6.3 is the carpet/astroturf variant boasting an all-new HD slipper spring assembly
which uses the 11mm Octalock slipper pads (premium LCF pad material included in the kit!) for
smoother engagement on high-traction surfaces, +3mm chassis for added stability, steel chassis
weights for tuning weight bias, front and rear anti-roll bars, and a gear differential. The kit setup has
been optimized so that you can have a competitive race car straight out of the box.

Due to ongoing R&D, photos may not match final kit. Vehicle shown on these pages equipped with items NOT included in kit: Reedy
motor, battery, ESC, servo, receiver, wheels, tires, body, fan, and pinion gear. Assembly and painting required.

New Features
• New wide pivot rear aluminum arm mounts for use with 73mm arms and 69mm CVA bones to give more predictable rear traction and an easy-to-drive rear-end feel
• New servo mounting system with aluminum chassis mounts and molded brace is much easier to assemble and has an integrated transponder mount
• New molded front and rear tower covers protect the edges of the carbon fiber from damage, and keeps from damaging the track surface
• Octalock spur gear and 11mm Octalock LCF pads using the heavier RC10B74.1 slipper spring for maximum consistency and higher torque capacity
• Tie-rod battery brace parts and hardware included in kit for tuning additional chassis flex
• Molded wire clips included for motor and ESC wires to keep your wiring organized

Updated Features
• Updated carbon fiber front and rear shock towers with fine hole spacing adjustment
• +3mm extended chassis length for additional stability and reduced weight transfer in high-traction conditions
• Updated chassis and side rails for use with new directto-chassis servo mount giving a more direct steering feel and predictable chassis flex going into and out of corners
• Updated top plate that keys to a new steering bellcrank brace for increased durability
• Updated rear wing mounts for more durability and less bending
• Set screw and flanged nut rear bottom shock mounting hardware for quick and easy shock removal
• +1 carbon fiber steering arms
• Black steel M4 low profile (LP) serrated wheel nuts

Legacy Features
• 3-gear Laydown Stealth® transmission assembly for optimal mass balance on high- grip clay track surfaces
• Fluid-filled gear differential included to withstand high load cornering
• Front and rear anti-roll bars included to provide less chassis roll on high-grip surfaces
• V2 12mm Big Bore threaded aluminum shocks with X-rings for low friction assembly
• Machined shock pistons for more precise fit and smoother operation
• V2 12mm shock springs for lower achievable ride height and nimbler feel
• Aluminum rear ballstud mount with three link positions for maximum adjustability and added strength
• Factory Team ball bearing set with 24 precision ball bearings, now oiled instead of greased for more efficient drivetrain
• Easy-access differential with 0, 1, 2, and 3mm height adjustment inserts included. (RC10B6.3 comes with a gear differential). Height adjustment inserts allow driveshaft alignment through all ride height and axle height configurations
• Rear hub assembly with aluminum vertical ball stud camber link mount and axle height inserts for precise roll center adjustment
• Front wing mount and front wing included to increased downforce and front grip
• Integrated 30mm fan mount (fan not included) to prevent motor fade due to overheating
• 69mm CVA bones for reduced bone plunge and minimized friction at drive pin
• The symmetric rear arms with improved geometry and stiffness can be flipped to allow a “split” for rear shock mounting position. Arms are available in 73mm and 75mm lengths (73mm included)
• Outer rear hinge pin is captured with bolt head and lock nut for increased durability
• Steel electronics and steel under-servo plates included for improved mass balance and lower overall center of mass
• 5mm aluminum clamping wheel hexes
• Lightweight aluminum one-piece top shaft and gear
• Body designed with lower center of mass improves handling on high-grip surfaces (clear body and wing included)

Scale: 1:10
Power: Electric
Length (w/wing): 390mm (15.4″)
Width: Varies
Weight (chassis only): 821g (1.81 lbs)
Wheelbase: 280-282mm (11.0-11.1″)
Drive: 2WD

Items Needed to Complete
• 1:10 scale electric motor and electronic speed control
• 7.4V, 7.6V 2S LiPo with “short battery dimensions (Reedy batteries #27363,#27364, #27365, #27366)
• Battery charger (#27203 Reedy 1416-C2L Dual AC/DC Competition Balance Charger)
• 2-channel surface transmitter
• 2-channel receiver
• Steering servo (#27100, #27101, #27109, #27118, #27119)
• Lexan™-specific spray paint for body
• 1:10 scale off-road wheels and tires
• Pinion gear
• Other helpful items:
Silicone shock fluid, Silicone diff fluid, FT body scissors (#1737), FT body reamer (#1499), FT hex/nut driver set (#1519), CA tire adhesive (#1597), Hobby knife, Needle nose pliers,
Wire cutters, Soldering iron, Calipers or precision rule

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Associated RC10B6.3 Team Kit code:AE90029

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