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Awesomatix A800X 1:10 Touring

Awesomatix A800X – Telaio in carbonio C01BX 2.2mm
– Nuovo Telaio Carbonio 2,2 mm
– LS1 di serie.
– P138S Pulegge alto scorrimento di serie
– Nuovo banchino fisssaggio motore
– Nuovo assale Palo Anteriore
– Nuovo sistema di regolazione Down Stop
– Nuovo sistema di fissaggio Barre di Rollio

Awesomatix A800X – Lower Deck Carbon C01BX 2.2mm
New C01B-x 2.2mm Chassis with updated flex, suspension and drivetrain geometry
New C27X 2mm Top deck with innovative flex adjustment (new ST55 and ST019 parts)
New AM77X Bulkheads and AM78X motor mount for optimised diff position
New P110 Eccentric holders for altered diff height
New Ball raced sway bar system with integrated droop adjustement P12X and AT142
New AT03BX Spool with their NEW P138S 38T pulley
New LS1 Linear Steering Rack as standard
New C04M1 carbon arms with optimised shape as standard
New AM06WL hubs for improved geometry
New SPR02X Damper Output Shaft
New AM17X Damper holders with limited A and B adjustment
ST130 30g Centre weight as standard

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