Marka 20MM Progressive Spring Set for Xray T4, CSO - 3 Pairs

Model: MRK-2132
Manufactured by: Marka Racing


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The Marka Racing progressive springs marked Green, Grey and Violet, were designed and drawn for short shocks and are 20mm long. The benefit of Marka progressive springs is that as the car initially enters the corner they work like a 2.X spring for maximum traction, in the middle of the corner, the spring rate progressively increases until 2.X. In this mode the car during the corner maintain maximum speed. The Marka springs, They are designed, planned and built in Italy. The springs to get the silver color have undergone a treatment which does not alter the elastic performance of the spring.

The set includes three pairs of springs.
Green Soft 2.4-2.6 N/mm
Gray Medium 2.5-2.7 N/mm
Violet Hard 2.6-2.8 N/mm
Made in Italy!