CS-Electronic CS-Max Grip Tire, Tire Traction

Modello: CS-C6440
Prodotto da: CS-Electronic


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Adhesives play a decisive role on outdoor tracks. These routes are more influenced by weather and different temparatures as Halle routes. In addition, many other classes are run in parallel with foam tires. Especially for these extreme needs has CS-ELECTRONIC CS-Max Grip Tire developed. lößt The formula not only the tires, but affects the tire surface consistently. During driving, the equally persistent tire grip is reflected in consistently low lap times again. The lower abrasion increases the rolling property and the cornering speed of the vehicle and protects the tire. CS-Tire-Max Grip is a `MUSS` for touring cars on asphalt tracks. > Best Outdoors adhesive > uniformly persistent handle > for faster lap times on asphalt tracks > less wear protects the tire > evenly over multiple runs > Odourless > Mega Content 100ml