Marka HV Li-Po Racing Battery 6600Mah Ultra LCG 140C 7.6V 2S

Model: #MRK-LI6600-HV-2S
Manufactured by: Marka Racing


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Marka Ultra LCG (ultra low profile) batteries are high quality and durable. and have been developed using the most advanced technologies and are suitable for indoor tracks.
They are "Top level" batteries to be used  in the world of racing at professional levels.
These batteries have a high voltage level under load, with a low internal resistance.
The Marka cells are housed in a very rigid and robust black case (hard-case) which protects them from possible shocks.
The Marka battery can be connected via 5mm gold-plated connectors.
The batteries have passed the necessary certifications for air transport.
Voltage: 7.6V (2S)
Capacity: 6600mAh
C-rate: 140C
Plug: 5mm gold plug 
Type: Rectangular 
Weight: 250gr about
Size: 139 x 47 x 19.0mm (Length x Width x Height