PN Racing Mini-Z 2WD V3 Precision Enclosed Gear Differential M0.5 43T

Model: MR2055MC
Manufactured by: PN Racing


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PN Racing Mini-Z 2WD V3 Precision Enclosed Gear Differential Mod0.5 43T
V3 version comes with 600126T 3x6x2.5mm Thrust Ball Bearing
•Light weight. Minimal rotational inertia for fast acceleration.
• The axle has been revised to 3mm (both sides use the same size bearing/bushing now)
•Fast gear ratio changes. No disassembly of the differential is necessary for a spur gear change.
•Adjustable side gear tension for tight or loose differential action.
•Smooth quiet operation. No gear noise and vibration associated with stock differential
• With the Enclosed case, Racers can add diff grease to fine-tune diff action, the covers also help reduce dust and particles on diff gears therefore less maintenance.
• Comes with the newest Brass Spyder Gear (MR2055B) for ultra-smooth action
• Do Not Come with Pinion Gears (you will need Mod0.5 Pinion gears of your choice)

Changing Spur Gear Ratio:
1. Remove 3 screws on the covers and remove both covers
2. Loosen the Tension Nut to separate the side gears
3. Allow spider gear pins to recess into the carrier. Depress with screwdriver if necessary, as shown by arrows
4. Remove the spur gear
5. Installation is the reverse of removal