Marka Iron Soldering Set

Model: #MRK-5022
Manufactured by: Marka Racing


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The Marka Racing Iron Soldering Set is new generation soldering irons.
When connected to our 6 cell LiPo or a 24v power source, the Marka Iron soldering heats and is ready to use in 10 seconds.
Is present an LCD display for adjustment of the 100-400 ° C (200-750 ° F) temperature range.
The Marka Iron soldering automatically cools to 200 ° C after 2 minutes of inactivity to prolong the life of the tip.
Is Small but mighty.

Included in the kit
1 x 65W Digital Programmable Iron Soldering Black color
1 x XT60 to 4mm Bullet Adapter
1 x XT60 to DC5525 Power Cable
Tip Solder Tips: 1 x TS-C4, 1 x TS-I and 1 x TS-BC2
1 x Mini-bakelite Stand Holder
1 x Storage Bag

65W Power Output @ 24v
Digital Programmable
Dual temperature sensors
Temperature Stability ± 2%
12-24V DC input voltage
FCC & CE Certified