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Roche Rapid EVO F1 1:10 Formula

– New design graphite main chassis, lower pod plate, rear pod plate, front lower arm, caster adjust plate, centre top plate, chassis brace, upper pod plate
– New design narrow chassis to improve steering response
– New design 7075 aluminium front bulkhead / servo mount
– New design steering arm mount, Ackermann adjustable
– New aluminium standoff for front lower arm
– New design camber adjustment, five difference camber angle selectable
– New 7075 aluminium turnbuckles, black anodised

– New design motor mount and rear bulkhead. Red/Black two-tone anodised
– New design O-ring type battery mounting chassis brace.
– New design centre top plate. Five damper positions selectable
– New design graphite upper pod plate and chassis brace, difference angle and position for side tube adjustable
– New design aluminium 4.3mm ballstud for side tube. Improved chassis rotate angle
– New design dual screws clamp lock type wheel hub
– New thrust bearing and washer
– New long centre damper and aluminium shock ball

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