PN Racing Mini-Z Alum Interchangeable Front Body Mount Base (Orange)

Model: BM001A
Manufactured by: PN Racing


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Required Carbon Fiber Adapter to use, Parts number CPxxx * High strength front body mount. Combination of aluminum base with carbon fiber adapter plate give high strength while maintaining light weight. * Base mount screws onto chassis. Base mount along with shims set height for adapter plate to fit onto body. * Body height is adjustable up or down from stock position to fine tune performance using shims. Comes with 5pcs 0.3mm plastic shims included. * Only the adapter plate is changed when changing body while retaining the same base. Difference adapter plates are available for wide range of bodies making body changes economical. Adapter plate parts number is same as Kyosho Auto Scale base part number with CP prefix. ie: CP201 for Ferrari ENZO.