PN Racing Micro Brushless 16A Speed Control Unit

Model: 500807
Manufactured by: PN Racing


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Designed for micro RC car 1/24 to 1/18 2WD or AWD
Sensorless Brushless Motor
• Specially designed for RC car and truck, with excellent starting up, acceleration and linearity features.
•Compatible with sensorless brushless motor.
•3 running modes suitable for different applications
•Forward with brake mode / Forward-Backward with Brake mode / Forward-Backward no Brake Mode
•4 steps of maximum reverse force adjustment.
•Proportional ABS brake function with 4 steps of maximum brake force adjustment, 8 steps of drag brake force adjustment and 4 steps of initial brake force adjustment.
•9 start modes  from “Short” to “Smooth” to be suitable for different chassis, tires and tracks.
• 7 Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection for lithium or nickel battery / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection / Motor blocked protection.
• 8 steps of timing adjustment.
• User programmable. Supported as : The “SET” button on the ESC, the digital LED Programmer 500808