PN Racing Mini-Z V3.1 Brushless Motor 3500kv

Model: 160035
Manufactured by: PN Racing


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NEW V3.1 Version 
Motor Can
- the all new motor can has bigger and more ventilation holes allowing better heat dispersion thus providing better run time
- front section has evenly spaced mounting screws holes that is compatible and fits for all after market motor holder and chassis  
End Cap
- newly designed end cap now comes with side locking screws that firmly secures the end cap and PCB.
- high temp wires used for longevity
- proprietary wiring producing better speed, torque and smoothness
- all our V3 sensorless motor can be easily upgraded to sensored motor with optional parts - *COMING SOON*
You no longer need to change the entire motor
Changeable armature
New design air vent get more cooling
High Temperature wire
15mm diameter motor can, same as normal brushed 130 motor. Fits in all Kyosho, PN, and aftermarket motor mounts.
Fits in all Mini-Z chassis AWD, F1, MR02 and MR03.
Much more torque and acceleration than others VE motor.
No loading RPM 22000 on 4.8V, amp draw only 0.28A
Four mounting holes to allow different angle of motor terminals.
Eight venting holes prevent heat buildup.
Can and endbell ball bearing from Japan.
Recommend gear ratio 3.95 to 5.00 
Connection M1 to Orange Wire, M2 to Yellow Wire, M3 to Blue Wire
Recommend wire #700122