Hobbywing HW-30401130 - XeRun V10 G3R-13.5T

Model: HW-30401130
Manufactured by: Hobbywing


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Scale: 1/10th Brushed/Brushless

Brushed/Brushless: BL
Sensored/Sensorless: SD
Pole Count: 2
KV Rating: 3710
LiPo Cells: 2-3S
No-load Current(A): 4.5
O.D.(mm): 35.9
Length (mm): 50.5
Shaft Diameter (mm): 3.17
Timing: 30-60 Degrees(Adjustable)
Max. Power Output(W): 216
Amp at the Max. Power Output(A): 59
Shaft Length (mm): 14
Weight (g): 133
Stock Rotor: 7.3-12.5-U