GL Racing Receiver 1.5mm JST Conversion Kit

Model: AC002-K
Manufactured by: GL Racing


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Contains: 3 JST sockets (1 spare), 10cm heat shrink tubing (enough for 2 attempts).
WARNING: For people with good soldering skills ONLY!!!
WARNING: Convert your Receiver at your our risk, Receiver warranty void
For people looking for a quick and easy solution, please consider our adapters instead:
For those not afraid of all the warnings, this conversion kit supplies you with 1.5mm JST sockets suitable for GLA, AMZ, BZ plugs. It provides a neat and low weight, low c.g. solution for using regular receivers for larger scales such as the Sanwa RX-471.
See picutres below for a idea how the conversion was made:
Step 1 - Remove original socket pins
Step 2 - Bend JST socket legs to correct width
Step 3 - Solder JST socket to receiver board
Step 4 - Continue solder JST socket to receiver board
Step 5a - Dremel RX-471 casing to fit
Step 5b - Heat shrink Receiver board