Orca INFINITE X 6000mAh 7.4V 130C Super-LCG LiPo Stick Pack

Model: LP19IN2S60T
Manufactured by: Orca

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- Length: ca. 138.0mm
- Height: 20.5mm
- Width: ca. 46.5mm
- Weight: ca. 252g
- Connectors: 5mm tubes

Hint: If the LiPo bloats or becomes thicker after unloading, it’s a sign for capacity overload or deep discharge. Because of that, the Lipo gets damaged and the maximum capacity diminishes.

Bloated LiPos are NO defect product and consequently out of warranty.

NEVER keep your LiPo completely charged or uncharged! Both of these charging states damage the LiPo irreversible and lead to bloating the cells. A completely charged LiPo has the same consequences concering the mount as a completely uncharged LiPo.

Please follow the instructions absolutely and without exception. There aren´t many instructions you have to read – but you should read this one, understand it and act according to it.

That´s what ORCA, one of the main LiPo distributors in competition says for handling with the LiPos:
LiPos may NOT be stored fully charged. Storage means everything over 4 hours. So you may NOT leave the LiPo fully charged overnight.
LiPos may NOT be lying in direct sunlight.
LiPos may NOT be charged over 8.40V.
LiPos may NOT be heated externally.
Contempts against these treatment notes lead with a high probability to bloated LiPos and are mishandling failures.
Treatment notes concerning ORCA cells may be transferred to any other current challenge LiPo.