Team Orion Servo # Vortex Digital XS

Model: ORI68028
Manufactured by: Team Orion

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Operating voltage: 4.8 to 7.4 V; shifting speed: 0.07 s/60 ° ; restoring torque : 10 kg / cm; Dimensions: 26 x 20 x 40 mm Weight: 46 g
With precision and power to convince the new VDS2 Vortexdigital high-performance servos Team Orion . From the experience of proven Vortex Servos and numerous competition successes was after several years of development to create a completely new product line from the ground up with the help of Team Orion Team pilot. In addition to outstanding performance , the focus was on durability at the forefront in the development . What resulted is a compact high- power line that fits all on the market, electric and Nitro -car classes.
The servos are presented in a housing made of high quality plastic and aluminum, which ensures optimum heat dissipation and resistance to breakage.
When heavy-duty gear only complex CNC machined gears are used. This results in excellent strength values ​​are obtained at the same time extremely light weight and minimal wear . The bearing of the servos by two high precision ball bearings.
With their particularly high holding torque , the vortex servos are particularly suitable for use in the field of competition. While other manufacturers have servos from the selected position to turn away with some force , show the Vortex Digital Servos maximum stability. Due to the particularly powerful coreless electric motors and the specially developed electronics with ultra-fast response time, include the Vortex Digital Servos to the top class .
Another well thought out feature is the servo designations . They are coded to the first two digits represent the restoring force and the last two digits of the floating time . Whether parking racer or professional competition - the Vortex Digital Servos feature performance and durability.
• Digital high- voltage power
• Precise coreless drive motor
• Heavy-duty all-metal transmission
• Facilitated drive gears
• 25T driven gear for Futaba servo horns
• Double ball bearings
• special potentiometer with anti- fading coating
• Sturdy aluminum-plastic housing
• Completely Waterproof
• High recovery accuracy
• High holding torque
• JR / hitec connector system with gold connectors
• Different servo horns included
Target group
• 1:10 / 1:8 Offroad (gas / brake, steering)
• 1:10 / 1:8 Onroad (gas / brake, steering)