Hype Elicottero #AIRBEAM 2.4GHZ

Modello: 032-1100
Prodotto da: Hype



Main Rotor Ø: 180mm;
Tail Rotor Ø: 30mm;
Length: 225mm;
Width: 45mm;
Weight approx.: 38g;
Batery: LiPo 1s 3,7V;
RC-Anlage: 2.4GHz
The AIRBEAM is a micro coaxial helicopter with the latest generation LiPo drive technology and reliable 2.4GHz radio system. The model is equipped with a horizontal placed tail rotor in order to control the for- and backwards movement. In the front of the canopy a bright LED is seated, so flying at night is really great fun!
The AIRBEAM is equipped with a gyro system for maximum stabilization during flight. So the AIRBEAM features a most stable flight performance with an outstanding control response. Unlike many other helicopters, the AIRBEAM really can be flown precise and well controlled through the smallest spaces. The control of the model follows the logic of large model helicopters. So the AIRBEAM is the perfect choice for indoor training when there is bad weather outside.
The model is equipped with three electric motors that drive the two main rotors and the tail rotor. By changing the speed of the rotors, the model is precisely controlled. The transmission of the control commands between the transmitter and the model is done by 2.4GHz radio signals.
To charge the battery inside the model, the helicopter is equipped with a USB charger. The charger simply gets connected to a free USB port on a computer. Alternately, the Model can be charged by the charging port of the transmiter. An LED in the USB charger displays the charging process. The USB charger also can be connected to the USB chargers of smartphones.
RC Functions 
Pitch (RPM), Nick, Tail (RPM)
• Ready to fly helicopter with 2.4GHz radio system
• Extremly stable hovering
• Available in stick mode 2 (pitch on left side)
• Counterwise rotating double rotor system
• Bright LED on the front of the model for best recognition during flight
• Optimized high efficiency rotorblade design
• Transmitter with integrated charger for helicopter
• USB charger for helicopter
• Easy to fly, perfect for indoor flying!
• Just a few handles and you are ready to fly
• Ready to fly coaxial helicopter