Ensotech Swave-ZM 7500KV sensored motor

Model: ZM7500KV
Manufactured by: Ensotech


Sold Out

Perfectly set mechanical sensor timing, by state of the art technology
Super cool misty blue color plating
New efficient heat dissipation 
New high precision sensor components ‘made in Japan’
New ‘low profile’ design for direct fitment on current 1/28 models
Motor Type: 3 Phases, Slotless
Poles: 2P
Motor Can OD:    15mm
Motor Can Length: 21mm
Motor Shaft OD: 2mm
Motor Shaft Length: 7mm
Motor Shaft Flat Spot: YES
Power Cable: 3pcs x 100mm long pre-soldered power cable
Weight: 20g
Package Included:
1 x Ensotech Swave-ZM 5500KV motor