Marka Racing Mini-Z V1 Brushless Motor 7500kv

Model: #MZR-7500
Manufactured by: Marka Racing

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The Marka Racing Brushless Motor 7500kv have much-more torque and acceleration than others VE motor.
The Marka Motor heatsink can is annodized with black color and the Alu end-bell is annodized in red color.
In this way we tryed to keep Marka brand colors and offer a nice design. 
Scale: 1/28th Brushed/Brushless
Brushed/Brushless: Brushless
Sensored/Sensorless: Sensorless
RPM: 62000 with 8.4V
KV Rating: 7430Kv
LiPo/Nimh Cells: 2S or 4xNimh 1.2V (4.8V)
No-load Current: 0.4A
Rotor: 6.0x2.0x14.5mm
Timing: Fix
Weight: 17.7gr
Aluminium Heatsink Can
- has the 15mm diameter same as normal brushed 130 motor. 
- has holes in the front and lateral sides for a good ventilation that allows for a better heat dispersion
- in the front there are M2 screws holes that allows to fit the motor on all the types of Miniz motor mount and chassis 
- has printed Marka logo on the lateral side and the Kv number to recognize the motor type  
- high quality wires used for high temperature and longevity life
- high quality wires producing good torque and speed
The rotor has the following size 6.0x14.5mm is the standard one.
The rotor is interchangeable and is possible change with other size 6x(11.5mm-12.5mm-13.5mm-15.5mm-16.5mm).
The shaft is 2mm.
JAPAN high quality duel ball Bearing included
Fits in all Kyosho, PN Racing, GL Racing, Atomic, Xpower motor mount.
Fits in all Mini-Z chassis MR02, MR03, F1, AWD, GLR, GLA, GLF, BZ ect.
Wire Connetion
For connect to the ESC use 22AWG/0.35mm silicon wire Marka (MRK-3108)
To mount the motor on the motor mount, use the following screws:
On PN Racing motor mount use M2x4mm countersunk screws for aluminum/metal
On GL Racing (GLR, GLA e GLF) or Atomic (BZ) motor mount use M2x4mm button screws for aluminum/metal
The screws are not included