PN Racing Mini-Z KS Compound RCP Radial Rear Tire MEDIUM (2pcs)

Model: KS2828
Manufactured by: PN Racing


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This is brand new develop Mini-Z tire call KS Compound, much more grip and long life.
All new KS Compound tire with PNR and KS logo at the sidewall.
All new KS Compound Series
KS1030 Slick Front Tire SUPER SOFT
KS1034 Slick Front Tire SOFT
KS1038 Slick Front Tire MEDIUM
KS1042 Slick Front Tire FIRM
KS2020 Slick Rear Tire SUPER SOFT
KS2024 Slick Rear Tire SOFT
KS2028 Slick Rear Tire MEDIUM
KS2820 Radial Rear Tire SUPER SOFT
KS2824 Radial Rear Tire SOFT
KS2828 Radial Rear Tire MEDIUM