PN Racing Auto Scale Dummy Chassis LED Light Terminal (For 500429/500429Y)

Model: 500429T
Manufactured by: PN Racing


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LED Light Terminal for Kyosho Auto Scale dummy chassis, the perfect addition to your Auto Scale bodies. Turn on your Auto Scale body's headlights and taillights without the need of your Mini-Z chassis, showcase your realistic mini-z Autoscale collection.
If you already have the PN racing realistic car garage, now you can display all your Auto Scale bodies with its lights on!

Features automatic low voltage cut off at 3.2V to protect your Lipo battery.
Allow users to add 2 separate sets of LED lights for more detailed presentation.

Compatible LED light Set:
500429 PN Racing LED Light Set for (Kyosho Mini-Z MR03 Sports/RWD/AWD/4x4
500429Y PN Racing LED Light Set 2W/2R/2Y for (Kyosho Mini-Z MR03 Sports/RWD/AWD/4x4)
MZW429R Kyosho Mini-Z LED Light Clear & Red Unit set (for MR03S & RWD & 4x4 only)

Compatible 1S Lipo Battery:

Require 1s Lipo Battery (not included) with female MOLEX plug (max size: 40mm x 25mm x 10mm)