GL Racing GL-ESC-Combo-SD3500KV

Model: GLX-RJ28-SD3500KV
Manufactured by: GL Racing


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Setting of ESC
1.With the ESC off,un-plug the sensor wire from the motor and plug it into the sensor port on the Programmer.The sensor wire extension included with your ESC makes working with shorter sensor wires more convenient.
2.Turn the ESC ON
3.Select ESC Settings->OK
4.Select press the ESC power button
5.Press the enter button when the Program show X-Power RC Mini-X ESC V3.0
6.Choose Change Settings and you will now be able to view and /or modify your current selections.If you do not make any changes,you can unplug the Programmer at any time,reinstall the motor sensor wire,and use your ESC.If you have made changes,return to the previous menu and select SAVE Profile.
7.Choose the profile number where the setting will be saved->OK
8.Once your settings have been saved,unplug the Programmer,reinstall the motor sensor wire,and your ESC is ready to use.