PN Racing Mini-Z F1 Pro LCG Motor Mount (Blue)

Model: F1003B
Manufactured by: PN Racing


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The PN Racing F1 Motor Mount.
The new light weight F1 Motor mount weighs in at the exact same weight as it??s plastic counterpart.
Several new features have been introduced:
1)    By mounting the motor flat, as opposed to vertical or at an angle like other systems, PN has achieved the lowest Center of Gravity possible while still maintaining optimum ground clearance. 
2)    With the new design the m"or is removed from the bottom of the car allowing you to leave vital suspension parts in place. This is a huge improvement over other systems that require removal from the top.
3)    Pinion adjustments have been improved by placing the adjustment screws on the bottom of the mount. Other systems must be adjusted from the side where the large tires of the F1 are in the way and make precise adjustments difficult.
4)    The new PN F1 Mount makes good use of the traditional side spring dampening system and also includes a mount for the rear shock set.
5)    Rear spoiler adjustments have been improved by placing the adjustment screws in the rear. Settings can now be made track side to ensure proper down force from track to track.
Disk damper post is lowered 1.8mm for more disk damper clearance
Axle height adjusters are added


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