PN Racing Mini-Z Gimbals Conversion Kit for MR3300 V5 Motor Mount (Silver)

Model: MR3322S
Manufactured by: PN Racing


Sold Out


Gimbals Conversion Kit ONLY for MR3300 V5 98 Motor Mount, you must use with MR3300G

Packing comes with

1 x Motor Mount Lower Plate

1 x Gimbals T-Mount (Black)

2 x Delrin Ball

2 x Delrin Brushing

1 x Left Lower Holder

1 x Right Lower Holder

1 x M2x4 Countersunk Screw

2 x M2x6 Countersunk Screw

2 x M2x8 Countersunk Screw


MR3300 PN Racing Mini-Z V5 LCG 98mm Motor Mount

MR3300G Mini-Z Tri Damper System Conversion Kit for MR3300 V5 Motor Mount

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MR2162 PN Racing Mini-Z Center Shock Spring Set (7pcs) for adjustment

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