CS-Electronic CS-MZ1 Tire Cleaner, Tire Cleaner for Mini-Z

Model: CS-C6450
Manufactured by: CS-Electronic


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The new CS-MZ1 Tire Cleaner is a tire cleaner that is specifically designed for Mini-Z Racer.  Previously Mini-Z tires were mostly with conventional industrial brake cleaners or WD40gereinigt. This meant that the rubber was strong and non-defatted, leading to hardening, cracking and unequal faster performance. We also often the superglue with which the tires are glued on the rims, disbanded -or-. Läßtiges rebonding or a failure in the race is often the case. using the CS-MZ1 Tire Cleaner uniform gentle cleaning is guaranteed. The rubber is optimally prepared for the race and keeps for a long time getting the same performance. Forget any kind of brake cleaners and rely on you as everyone else in the gentle and effective cleaning with the CS-MZ1 Tire Cleaner. Our test team was enthusiastic from the start of the performance and could optimize the tire cleaner yet.
> cleans deep into the pores without changing the rubber 
> immediately and without residue dries 
> protects the tire rubber 
> better and more effectively as any brake cleaner or WD40 
> lößt at no superglue or 
> increases tire life compared to conventional cleaners 
> uniform performance over multiple runs 
> Content 80ml : Application Place on a cloth and then rub the tires thoroughly. Since this means no extreme solvent, the rubber is not changed in its property, but only cleaned pores. The CS-MZ1 Tire Cleaner is the best and most careful preparation for racing.  "Get the faster lap times with the CS-MZ1 Cleaner and your Mini-Z"