CS-Electronic Competition Grip Tire Adhesives

Model: CS-C180101
Manufactured by: CS-Electronic


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Best adhesives are the decisive advantage especially in the field of competition. But not always the maximum handle assembly in the foreground, but the drivability and handling of the car decide on fast lap times. 
For routes with high or increasing grip level the Competition Grip prevents the hack wheel drive and allows a soft controlled. In addition, the handle assembly Mega in the start phase or the rolling of the vehicle is compensated feared. The handle remains constant until the end of the run. This creates a uniform, controllable grip ratio over the entire term. Improve faster and more secure laps the lap time, lap after lap. > decisive advantage at long race > has one for championships with increasing grip > specifically for carpet routes developed > uniformly constant grip > increases the cornering speed > advantage and the stock classes noticeably > odorless > Mega Content 100ml Race Tip: Not suitable for routes with low grip!