SXT Racing Adittive SXT 2.0 for Rubber and Foam Tires 120ml

Model: SXT00020
Manufactured by: SXT Racing


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SXT 2.0 was developed for asphalt rubber tire racing. The natural oils in the rubber are lost due to heat and friction occuring during the course of racing. The high viscosity compound in SXT 2.0 adheres to the tire for long periods as it works to replace these natural oils.
SXT 2.0 has been used successfully in carpet racing as well as asphalt racing.
Pre-race Treatment: After cleaning the tire, coat the tire with a thin to moderate film of 2.0 and set aside to soak. The longer the better; 2.0 will not dry up. Tire warmers may be used. Prior to your race, wipe the tires very well with a clean rag. The tire surface should feel slightly tacky when you drag your finger across the surface. If there is still an oily feel, wipe some more.
Maximum Asphalt Treatment: Clean tire with SXT 1.0. Coat tire with SXT 2.0 for as long as time permits between runs. Tire warmers may be used. Wipe 2.0 off tires and wipe down with SXT 1.0.