CS-Electronic CS-RacingControl-X Grip, tire adhesion agent -inc. Brush bottle - 100ml

Model: CS-C6510
Manufactured by: CS-Electronic


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Many racing series and racing events already write standard tires because of the Chanchen equality. Up to now, the tire adhesive agents used for this purpose were not generally restricted or, if so, difficult to control. For this purpose, adhesives were often mixed or completely replaced in order to achieve an advantage over other racers. 
New and unique is now the CS-Electronic-designed Control-X Grip. A new type of tire adhesive which is absolutely odorless and thus immediately recognizes any admixture of other agents. In addition, it is 100% transparent, which also makes an admixture of other substances immediately visible. 
The new Control-X contains no suitable ingredients, does not have to be declassified and is biodegradable!
The CS-RacingControl-X Grip Adhesive offers an ideal performance and maximum grip for hollow chamber, and moss rubber tires on all road conditions indoor and outdoor.  
Heating or heating is not necessary in principle, but can influence the performance depending on the condition. 
New Adhesive Formula for Control-X Grip
Transparent, for easy visual inspection
Smell-neutral, any admixture easily recognizable
Thin liquid, draws faster
Shorter exposure times possible
Perfect for hoops
Perfect for moss rubber tires
Ideal for carpet, asphalt and asphalt routes
Protects the tires 
Dense bottle with woolen brush
Mega content with 100ml
Made in Germany