Arrowmax Tire Warmer (1/10th) & Batt Warmer incl, Bag - Black Golden

Model: AM-174010
Manufactured by: Arrowmax


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The new tire curing blankets from Arrowmax are characterized by a particularly practical design and easy handling. The electric blankets are plugged into the station from the front, which makes it much easier to organize the cables on the table. The control unit has an XT60 connector and can be easily connected to a 3S Lipo and a 13.8V power supply. 
The precise sensors regulate the temperature very reliably and accurately and are separately adjustable for the front and rear axles. In addition, you can heat in a separately available warmer also Lipo batteries before charging. 
The tire heating station is designed in the typical black and gold Arrowmax look!
Arrowmax now offers these compact tire and battery warmers. Arrowmax's signature black and golden design. The device utilizes a compact control unit for easy storage. They connect to the front side of the case, ensuring easy organization of the wires. The control unit is equipped with an XT60 connector, allowing to power the tire warmer using a 13.8V power supply or a 3S LiPo battery. Built-in sensors ensure precise temperature control, and therefore they are not as warm as possible, but as a battery warmer using an optional warming bag. Pre-set values ​​ensure performance and very high user safety.