Marka Bulkhead Allignment Tool 19mm and 23mm

Model: #MRK-4116
Manufactured by: Marka Racing


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Marka Racing Bulkhead Alignment Tool for touring car bulkheads with spacing of 19mm and 23mm.
How to use
You can loosen both the lower bulkhead mounting screws and also the upper clamps and shock towers, insert the allineament block in place between the left and right bulkheads for perfect alignment of all parts, after all the parts are straightened up, retighten the screws and the block may be will be removed. In this moment you can proceed with the assembly the diff or spool ecc. 
CNC-machined from lightweight aluminum and print the Marka logo by laser.
The alignment tool works perfectly for all XRAY T4 and Awesomatix A800X platforms and other touring cars with 19mm and 23mm spacing between bulkheads.