Hudy 183000 - Professional Bulkhead Alignment Tool 19mm

Model: HU-183000
Manufactured by: Hudy


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Hudy have introduced their new professional bulkhead alignment tool for all 1/10th electric touring cars that use 19mm bulkhead spacing.
The machined aluminium block and the includes steel pins allow to perfectly straighten the front and rear bulkhead assemblies during building and maintenance, ensuring a tweak-free assembly and thus a freer running drivetrain. The tool will be inserted between the left and right bulkhead sides with the spool and diff removed and the, bulkhead and upper clamp mounting screws slightly undone. With the inserted pins the screws are tightened again, the block will be removed and the drivetrain installed. The block is usable with all kits that use 19mm bulkhead spacing, such as the Xray T4.