Intellect Lipo LIHV 2S 22.0MM Stick 7000mAh 120C 7.6V Long Runtime LCG Graphene

Model: IPCC2S7000PT1
Manufactured by: Intelect


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The Platinum series from Intellect is the latest development from the leading lithium battery manufacturer in the RC car model sport. The latest Silicone-Graphene cell chemistry offers an increased driving time with maximum power output for the entire running time. Technical data: - Nominal voltage: 7.6V - Capacity: 7000mAh - Cells: 2S2P - Cell type: Silicone-Graphene - Length: 137.5mm - Width: 46.5mm - Height: 22.0mm - Weight: 275g - Plug: 5mm - Balancer- Plug: 2mm - Discharge Rate: 120C Charging and Storage Information: We recommend never storing the battery fully discharged or fully charged. Generally, a voltage of approximately the nominal voltage of the battery is recommended for storage. In addition, the batteries should be used at regular intervals, or at least go through a discharge-charge cycle. The batteries should not be exposed to direct sunlight during storage and charging to avoid additional heat. This also means that the trunk of your car in summer is not the suitable storage space for your batteries. We also recommend a maximum charging current of 1C for a long shelf life of your batteries. A higher charging capacity significantly reduces the lifespan of the batteries.