Reds Racing 1/10 ESC TX 120A Stock and Mod Programming

Modello: SPCO0001
Prodotto da: Reds Racing



REDS TX120 speed controller is designed for 1/10th cars. It runs on 2S LiPo batteries and has a built-in BEC with 6.0V voltage output. TX comes with external power capacitors to maintain a compact design, high reliable external power switch and high speed cooling fan.
The TX120 speed control defines capability and versatility unlike any other electronic speed controller on the market. With High Grade and Low Resistance Components utilized throughout, the TX takes 1:10th scale competition racing to a new level.
Power, control and reliability remain the foundation of this ESC. Built with a custom high-efficiency aluminum heatsink housing and full programming, the TX provides the tools for the win!
Main Features:
Billet Aluminum Housing
High Density Copper PCB's
High Grade and Low Resistance Components
30 mm High Speed Fan for Maximum Cooling
Sensor Plug for Precise Commutation with all Motors
Gold-plated Solder Posts for Easy Wire  Replacement
Easy radio calibration
Professional Programming with program box
Intelligent Drive and Brake Frequency System
Ultra-smooth and Precise Throttle and Braking Control
High Efficiency Timing Control Technology
PC Interface for Advanced Programming and Updating