Team Powers XPS/Pro V4BT-2S - XPS PRO V4BT Speed Control (140A, Built-in Bluetooth)

Model: TPR-XPS-Pro-V4BT-2S
Manufactured by: Team Powers


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- Made of light weight plastic casing.
- Built-in Bluetooth device for advanced programming and firmware update through the Mobile APPS.
- APPS will be available on both IOS and Android.
- Change to 32-bit MCU with ultra-smooth, faster response with precise throttle and braking control.
- More top end power with the same item function setup.
- New PCB layout and new internal hardware design increase the heat dissipation and should be around 10'C lower than XPS V3 series working on the same condition.
- Real Time Data Analysis through Mobile APPS(Current Input & Output Throttle, Temperature, RPM, Adv. Timing, Voltage and min. voltage, Max Temperature, RPM & Adv. Timing)
- Built-in one touch On/Off switch
- Change to 30mm fan with fan mount enclosed for better heat dissipating capacity and reliability.

- Same firmware as Radon Pro V5BT

- Controls: Forward/Brake/Reverse
- Input Voltage: 2S-3S lipo
- BEC: 6V/7.4V selection/max ~4.5A
- Motor Limit: 4.5T or over
- Max current: ~140A per phase
- Size: ~42x32x17mm
- Weight: ~38g (not include wiring and fan)

Apps Connection with Speed Control Demo Link: