Hobbywing Xerun Brushless ESC 120A BEC 2A 1s V3.1 - for 1s LiPo 1/12

Model: HW-30112500
Manufactured by: Hobbywing

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Special design for 1/12 chassis and racing classes, the electrical switch, DC-DC booster and the capacitor module are installed in the housing to accommodate the chassis save.
Preset factory profiles as the Xerun 120A V3,1 (2-3S controller). Up to 10 profiles can be stored in the controller and are easy to import or export. Incl. following business profiles: 
Blinky Mode 
Modify Mode 
Stock Mode 
Training Mode 
Off-Road Mode 
Drift Mode 
crawler Fashion
- Aluminum housing make the top and bottom for optimum heat dissipation and allow for higher currents. 
- The built-in switch has a long life and is very reliable, also it saves space on the chassis. 
- External programming port (EPP) for easy connection or optional fan. 
- Advanced Dynamic timing Technology for even more customization possibilities at the highest competition site level. 
- Very precise gas & brake control, adjustable brake and car brakes, new punch and brake functions and adaptable gas & brake curve on the PC client. 
- Built-in data logging for max. Temperature of the regulator and the motor as well as max. Number of revolutions. This can easily via the optional LCD programming box can be read. 
- Multiple protection features make the use more secure, whether overheating the controller or motor, undervoltage lockout or by loss of signal. 
- Easy to program through the LCD Program Box or the USB Link Software. 
- Note: Xerun v3 controllers only support the USB link software V3.2_121204 or older. The new USB Link Software with graphic interface offer even more settings. The firmware can be updated also by the user via the USB adapter the LCD Program Box if necessary.
Power: Permanently 120A / briefly 830A 
Input Voltage: 3-4 cells NiMH / NiCd or 1S LiPo (2S LiPo are prohibited) 
Built BEC: 6V @ 3A (Switch Mode with built DC-DC booster) 
internal resistance: 0.00026 ohms 
engine types: Sensored and sensorless brushless motors 
motor limit:> = 3 turn (for 3 slots, 2 poles, 540 size and at "0" timing  
vehicle Application: 1/12 on-road chassis and competitions 
fan: no 
External output: Yes / for programmer or 6V fan 
dimensions (LxWxH): 37.5 x 31 x 21,8mm 
weight: 47,2g (without cable)