Hobbywing 30850400 - OTA WIFI Programer

Model: HW-30850400
Manufactured by: Hobbywing


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Thanks to the OTA programming module, Hobbywing controllers can be programmed in a modern and intuitive way. The controller is wirelessly connected to a smartphone via the Bluetooth signal sent by the module. In the Hobbywing "HW Link" app, all parameters can then be selected and set as usual.

The OTA programming module is also smaller and lighter than a standard programming box and therefore fits comfortably in your pocket. So perfect for on the go.


Easy handling

Compact design

Recording of data in real time (compatible controller required)

Firmware update directly via the "HW Link" app

Including reset button on the underside of the module

Suitable for the following HobbyWing products

selected XERUN and EZRUN controllers for RC cars

selected PLATINUM controllers for RC aircraft

selected SEAKING controls for RC boats

Technical data

Dimension: 30x25.5x8.5mm

Weight: 10.2g

Input voltage: 5-12.6V

Range: 0-3m

Supported Bluetooth Version: > / = 4.0

Note: You can download the Hobbywing "HW Link" app for Android devices from the Google Play Store and for IOS devices from the Apple Store.