Scorpion RS-3420 Brushless Modified Motor 13.5 Turns

Model: SC-RS-3420-135T
Manufactured by: Scorpion


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Scorpion RS-3420 - with the strongest RC car motor series on the market
The engines of the Scorpion RS-3420 series have been designed taking into account the valid IFMAR rules, which is why they are used in all 1/10 and 1/12 RC chassis can be. All Bruhsless Scorpion Motors are built from the ground up specifically for the demanding RC racing. This makes them extremely powerful and equipped with high temperature performance components to produce maximum power and speed. Years of research and development of top engineers and testing using professional team riders make the RS-3420 BL motor series with one of the most powerful on the market. The following features characterize the RS-3402 engine series:
Patented screw-type rotor surface provides a better current flow and maximizes cooling
To increase Built-in fan on the rotor to the air flow and reduce internal temperatures
We've chosen no plastic inserts, whereby the maximum copper fill is achieved in the motor windings
The rotor magnets are protected for maximum durability through a metal sleeve
Integrated temperature sensors allow using a Scorpion speed knob the permanent monitoring - even when driving
200% more cooling surface than comparable motors - this provides for a much better heat dissipation
The largest surface of the rotor, the shaft and the magnet than any engine in its class
High quality silicon steel is used for the stator unit to achieve maximum flux density
High purity copper wire is fitted to minimal internal resistance to guarantee
High temperature resistant magnets are used, no problems at high heat developments arise (eg competitions)
All motor parts are made of 7075 aircraft aluminum alloys CNC process
Adjustable motor timing
Sensor controlled
Windings: 13.5 Turns
Windings Type: Y-Type
Stator Arms: 3
Stator poles: 2
KV value: 2,445
Watt: 340 
Max Watt: 408 (2 seconds) 
Rpm: about 17,604 at 7.2 volts
Internal resistance: 0.298 ohm
Suitable number of cells LiPo: 1 - 2 cells
Suitable cells NiMH Number: 4 - 6 cells
Shaft diameter: 3.175 mm
Size: 540
Outer diameter: 36 mm
Length: 52.65 mm
Weight: 164.3 g
Manufacturer: Scorpion Power System / SP-RS3420-13T