R1 Wurks 10.5 V21 STOCK MOTOR - BRCA

Model: R1-20048
Manufactured by: R1 Wurks


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BRCA Approved
The all new V21 motor was designed with one thing in mind...winning. In order to give our users winning technology, 3 key points were considered in development.
Speed - We have learned vast amounts of positive data since the creation of the V16 that has been utilized in our all new V21 to ensure that our racers will have the highest performance that a stock motor can produce to date!
Cooling - All serious racers are constantly pushing their motors to the limits with gearing and timing, which can lead to higher motor temperatures. With the new V21 we optimized the motors cooling by strategically cutting out cooling areas on the motors' can, which also leads to lighter weight.
Tuning - The V21s advancement in both acceleration and top speed means that our tuning window is much broader for racers in any application. Racers can now unlock the optimum performance of the motor in a broader range of both gearing and timing.