Fantom Racing Facts Machine v3 - Rotor Tester

Model: FAN28500
Manufactured by: Fantom Racing


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Have you ever been at a race and wondered how the top finishers seem to have faster motors than everyone else? One of the reasons for this is because the fast guys know how to tune their motors with different rotors. Most motor companies now offer optional tuning rotors, but without a way to measure their magnetic strength, there is no way for you to know what strength rotor you are putting in your motor and therefore no way to fine-tune your motor correctly. In addition, rotors are not all created equal. Due to tolerances in the manufacturing process, some are better than others and the fast guys have figured this out. Tuning your motor with the correct rotor is the most critical step in getting the maximum performance out of your motor.
Do you know that the strength of your rotor has the single biggest effect on how your motor runs, yet most racers don’t even know what strength rotor they have in their motor? This is like not knowing whether you have a 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engine in your real car. This basically leaves you guessing at how to gear your car and where to set the motor timing. Furthermore, without the correct rotor in your motor, your motor may never run up to its full potential for the application that it is being used for.
Now, with the new FACTS MACHINE v3 rotor tester, this easy to use tool gives you the ability to accurately test the magnetic field strength of all of your rotors!
No more guessing…get the “FACTS” and the edge over your competition with the FACTS MACHINE v3 Brushless Rotor Tester!

IMPORTANT: It is important to know that there is no standard in the R/C industry for testing brushless rotors. There are numerous testers on the market, including the Trinity, MMS, and others, that all provide different information. This information can vary greatly. For example, one company’s meter may read 1500 for a rotor, where our meter may read it as 1400. The Fantom Facts Machine v3 is not mass produced, but rather is hand-built one at a time, in the U.S.A., to the highest standards in the R/C industry. Also, the Facts Machine v3 calibration is double-checked for the highest accuracy possible, so you can feel confident that we are providing you with the most precise rotor tester in R/C.

Precision Calibrated – Accurately Measures Magnetic Field Strength Of Brushless Rotors
Works With Most Brand 540 Size Rotors and All Diameters (maximum length of 1.54 inches / 39mm)
Displays The Highest Measurement For Both Poles At The Same Time Until The Unit Is Reset (eliminates having to memorize or having to write down each number)
Lighted LCD Display – Reads Out To 4 Numeric Places (example: 1550)
AC Powered – Includes 6v Wall Power Supply
Laser Engraved Fantom Logo
RoHS Compliant – Built With All Lead-Free Components And Solder
Comes in a sturdy, foam padded storage box
Hand Built In The USA!

DIMENSIONS: 4.17″ (106mm) L x 1.58″ (40mm) W x 0.72″ (18.4mm) H (1.18″ / 30mm H including standoffs)
WEIGHT: 2.23 ounces (63.22 grams)


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