RC MAKER Roll Centre Shim Plate Set 2mm for Awesomatix (LA Arms)

Model: RCM-ARCS2
Manufactured by: RC MAKER


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The Roll Center Shim Plates for Awesomatix LA are made from 2mm carbon fiber, and will change the lower roll center on your Awesomatix a breeze! Consisting of 4x 2mm plates, it allows tuning from 2mm + and is very effective along with the use of our 0.5mm and 1mm shim kit (ARCS) which allows for all the way from 0.5mm to 3.5mm. The plates also have a front and a rear, with cutouts to distinguish them, due to the hole.
They slide in the car, allowing you to slide out the old and new in a matter of seconds. Once the plate is installed simply tighten it as normal. You can use them for the very front., Very rear and most importantly the inner ones are a real pain to change!
The central hole allows easy removal by inserting a 1.5mm driver and sliding them out from the top.
NOTE: These are suitable ONLY when using LA (+9.0, +8.0) Arms.
Slide in and out for super fast changes
Super lightweight and durable
Full set can do all roll center combinations
Front and rear marked to distinguish easily
Included in the package: 4x 2mm (2x Front and 2x Rear)