RC MAKER Bulkhead Flex Dampener Set for A800X/MMCX

Model: RCM-BFD
Manufactured by: RC MAKER


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RC Maker is introducing the new set of bulkhead flex dampers.
We realize these look a bit crazy, but they work extremely effectively. The idea has come about due to the straight forward stiffening of the bulkhead and caster flex too much, and the removal of this much with the MMCX conversion provides too much flex in this area. The main issue with the bulkheads in the handling and the inability to tune tracks, which can now be minimized with the brand new flex dampers!
Made of super thin 3K carbon fiber, they attach to the bulkheads directly and provide consistent dampening (restriction) of the flex at the front of the front bulkheads in every direction. There are two different stiffeners included, thelarger sized one provides the most flex of the two, but still reduces the flex by 50%. The smaller one is stiffer, and reduces the flex by roughly 70%. This brace is just right on the MMCX chassis, and now instead of just "Onor Off" directly straight braces, we provide the perfect balance for your track.
We recommend the stiffer variant for higher traction, and softer variant for lower traction. These braces provide more consistency and predictability on all traction levels, and allow you to fine tune in corner corner speed / steering balance.
1x RC MAKER Bulkhead Flex Dampener Small (Medium)
1x RC MAKER Bulkhead Flex Dampener Large (Soft)