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Now available for the Yokomo BD10LC
RC Maker offers the revolutionary Body Mounting System for the use with Horizontal Rear Body Posts now in a new LITE version. The set comes in with 45% less weight than the first Versions from RC Maker.
The handling benefits of horizontal rear body posts are unquestionable. The downforce leveraged onto the back of the bodyshell creates significant benefits to handling, by increasing the downforce distributed to the chassis, as well as making the body more attached during left and right transitioning. However, some major issues of this system are durability, stiffness, and adjustability.
The new Horizontal Rear Post Body Mounting Set will improve in ALL of these areas!
Durability is significantly increased, due to now not having any holes in the rear of the body at all. The connection is made via the 3mm thick carbon extension, which is connected to the wing strut, and is extremely rigid!
Stiffness is drastically improved now via the body being mounted to the car via a solid, extremely stiff combination of carbon fibre and plastic parts. This provides maximum downforce transfer to the rear of the car, ensuring the aerodynamics of the body is felt to its full potential
The new Horizontal Rear Post Body Mounting Set can be transferred body to body, and securely attaches your wing, as well as bracing the wing strut do protect against deforming high speed and in crashes.
The best part is that it makes body mounting an absolute breeze! No more rear holes at all, simply get your front holes correct and screw the mounts on! We recommend using body pins either side of the carbon to ensure maximum rigidity, however in testing we found even without any body pins behind the carbon, the body posts never managed to escape the carbon.... we'll leave that one up to you!

The set fits together with:
All Zoo Racing Models (inc GT Bodies)
All Xtreme Models
Bittydesign Hyper HR
Blitz Roadster