Mugen MTC1 1/10 Electric Touring Car

Model: MU-MTC1
Manufactured by: Mugen

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Mugen Seiki has now more details and a picture of the new MTC1 electric 1/10 Touring Car announced. The vehicle is equipped with noble and high-quality parts. After more than a year of development and then intensive testing, the MTC1 is ready for delivery. The MTC1 is the ultimate racing car for racing. The MTC1 has a 2-belt drive train, adjustable caster, a zero Tweak Flex system, an adjustable body position, large Big Bore dampers, front double-joint drive shafts, hard-coated aluminum drive shafts at the rear, low-friction pulleys, Mount bracket, fully adjustable narrow steering, aerodynamic front bumper and fully adjustable suspension.

The Mugen Seiki MTC1 Electric Touring Car Kit comes packed with Mugen Seiki's high quality materials and coatings. After this, the MTC1 is ready to be released. The MTC1 is the ultimate touring car for racers of all skill levels. The MTC1 features a dual belt drive train, intelligent caster adjustment system, zero tweak flex system, adjustable body positioning, big bore shocks, front double joint drive shafts, hard coated aluminum rear drive shafts, low friction pulleys, ball raced sway bars, one Piece motor mount, fully adjustable steering system, aerodynamic front bumper, and fully adjustable suspension (camber, toe, caster, wheelbase, track width, roll center, diff / spool height, and steering angle).
Features of the MTC1
Double belt drive
Aluminum diff housing
Laser etched diff housing and shock absorber
Intelligent Roll Center System
Zero Tweak Flex System
Adjustable body positioning from front to rear and in height
Big Bore shock absorbers
Double-joint cardan front
Hard-coated aluminum drive shafts at the rear
Single-piece engine mount
Adjustable steering
Aerodynamic front bumper
Fully adjustable suspension (lintel, caster, wheelbase, gauge, roll center, diff level and steering angle)
Dual belt drive train
Aluminum diff housing with ball raced outdrive cups
Laser etched diff housings and shock dampers for viscosity identification.
Intelligent caster adjustment system.
Zero tweak flex system.
Adjustable body positioning front to back and well as height adjustment.
Big bore shocks
Front double joint drive shafts.
Hard coated aluminum rear drive shafts.
Low friction pulleys.
Ball raced sway bars.
One-piece motor mount.
Fully adjustable narrow steering system.
Aerodynamic front bumper.
Fully adjustable suspension (camber, toe, caster, wheelbase, trackwidth, rollcenter, diff / spoolheight, and steering angle).