Awesomatix A800X - Lower Deck Carbon

Modello: A800X
Prodotto da: Awesomatix


Da inserire:

A800X Car Kit Carbon lower deck / Chassis version.
Car Kits will be now upgraded with LS2 Steering. Also IFJ and IRJ sets are included in the Car Kits.
Also will the Car Kit use P14X Lower Bumper Plate and AT52A Parts which need 2x1,75mm (included) shim for height compensation.
P09 is replaced by P09X Parts.
(17 April 2018)
This kit contains a few changes compared to the usual equipment: 
- C04M1 + 0.5 wishbone (long carbon version) 
- ST135 Center Weight 
- IRJ and IFJ Tuning Cardans front and rear 
- LS2 Tuning Alu Steering - Linear Steering System 2 
- P14-1X Rammer plate 
- AT52A steering post (new version, which must be backed with 3.5mm shims) 
- additional instructions for IRJ / IFJ / LS2 / AT52A / P14-1X included.
What's new on the A800X - compared to the A800? 
- NEW aluminum wheel 
- NEW aluminum steering arm 
- NEW Carbon wishbone 
- NEW Alu damper holder 
- NEW damper rods guides 
- NEW chassis plate (it has no holder for the droop screws longer be glued!) 
- NEW aluminum bulkheads 
- NEW Aluminum Motor Mount 
- NEW Antennenhalter 
- Central Chassis Weight ST130 (30g) included as standard 
- NEW Front Spool 
- NEW Composite Bushings 
- NEW Steering (LS1, known as Tuning Part for the A800) 
- NEW Carbon 
Upper Deck with adjustable Flex Bush - NEW Composite Belt Tensioner
- NEW composite stabilizer bar for a ball bearing stabilizer 
- NEW system for the rebound, integrated in the stabilizer bar (incl. Separately adjustable DownStop and UpStop!) 
- NEW Alu Stabi guides for the ball bearing 
stabilizer - NEW aluminum servo holder (AM24-8, known as tuning part for the A800)
And these are the same, already known, features:
- 1:10 touring car with 190mm track width and 257mm wheelbase 
- all-wheel drive with GD2 cone-diff on the rear axle and spool on the front axle 
- Doppelgelenkkardans standard 
- aluminum wheel carrier 
- ingenious "Blades", optionally even ball bearing 
- lower wishbones made of plate material 
- unique aluminum rotary control arm (already filled in the kit) 
- suspension via leaf springs (damper and springs in the curve continuously adjustable) 
- all available stabilizers are already included in the kit 
- camber / caster infinitely adjustable for each wheel via TWO upper wishbones per wheel
There are three versions of the A800X: 
A800X - with carbon chassis 
A800XA - with aluminum chassis 
A800XAH - with hard aluminum chassis
The (normal) aluminum chassis is recommended indoors and is an advantage almost everywhere. But also has disadvantages, especially with regard to impacts. Those who are not sure of that and prefer to use carbon can do so with the A800X.
Important: A800X, A800XA and A800XAH are fully compatible with each other. 
They differ only by the used chassis plate!
C01B-X - Carbon Chassis 2.2mm
C01B-AX - Aluminum Chassis
C01B-AXH - Aluminum chassis hard
So it's not much. By replacing just ONE part, you can turn the A800X into an A800XA - and vice versa, of course!
Very important:
This car is still not for beginners. Even if the A800 / A800X represents a huge step in the direction of "mass compatibility". 
Hiring the car requires some prior knowledge and the ability to teach new things and ignore ancient wisdom. 
Likewise, a little experience is needed to build the car together. The instructions are not the easiest and there are always changes / adjustments that are not always mentioned in the manual. 
Anyone who likes to work with his car and is able to understand complex correlations and react to them will find his fulfillment here.